Action Plan

Vijay Laxmi Transport team consist of individuals who are professionals and expert at their field of expertise, since VLT has a lot of responsibilities to maintain, our team has some of the genuine and smart working individuals who are willing and able to work for this company and help maintain the vision of Late Sakaldev Singh who started VLT for the betterment of common people.


Important Members of VLT are:-

  • Mr. Digvijay Singh (Description)


  • Mr. Ranvijay Singh (President of Bihar Janta Khan Labor Union) 


  • Mr. Vishwa Vijay Singh 


Our Team consist of people of various positions and responsibilities.


  • Management: - VLT Management team consist of expert managers. They manage the aspects of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of Vijay Laxmi Transport Company. VLT has various posts of site management, Siding Incharge, Technical assistance, Manager, Munsi etc. where competent individuals are working efficiently to produce the result.
  • Marketing:- Vijay Laxmi Transport doesn’t required marketing expenditure because, VLT has ties with major companies like A.M.P.L, B.C.C.L, Hindustan Overseas Pvt. Ltd , P.T.P.L etc. by supporting and working with these major names Vijay Laxmi Transport automatically get their share of Marketing and establishing an household name in India.
  • Administration: - Administration is the process and activity of running a business or organization. The administration team of Vijay Laxmi Transport has immense experience in their field of expertise. An Administrator team’s task is to support the professionals as a part of team. VLT Administrative team are involved with the coordination and implementation of company procedures and have responsibility for specific projects and task that are required by the company.


Vijay Laxmi Transport team has structured and efficient team member in various fields to run the empire and they get all the credit for maintaining, enlarging and spreading companies vision and reach in all regions of this nation, team members are working here in VLT for more than 15 - 20 years, and they are the responsible and working hands behind the success of Vijay Laxmi Transport Company.