Late Sakaldeo Singh

Founder Of VLT

Vijay Laxmi Transport was founded by Late Sakaldeo Singh. Sijua 10 No. More, Post Sijua,Dist – Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He had a reputation of an messiah of poor people, people loved to call him “Netaji”, as he was in a sense a leader of the common people at his time. His motto was ‘together with truth’, Sakaldeo Singh was General Secretary of Bihar Janta Khan Labor Union.  He was from very humble beginnings and soon realized that the way to make an impact in this nation, is to connect individuals together, in whatever field of expertise they are, all are connected through road, and what drives through the roads are vehicles which connects people of different regions and experiences together. Sakaldeo Singh saw this opportunity and came to a conclusion of creating a Transporting Company called Vijay Laxmi Transport. VLT was founded in 1985, first transporting service that VLT facilitate was School bus services, B.C.C.L transporting vehicles and Passenger Busses.

Dhanbad is the Coal Capital of India. He saw the opportunity and started working to connect people of humble origins and poor backgrounds so they can get employment to make their life meaningful. And Soon Vijay Laxmi Transport rooted their company in Coal Transporting throughout India.  

Vijay Laxmi Transporting Company was created as a vision to transport materials, mainly coal from one part of the state to each and every region of this nation.


After his death Sakaldev Singh’s Empire was managed by his Sons.

  1. Sri Digvijay Singh
  2. Sri Ranvijay Singh
  3. Sri Vishwa vijay Singh


All his sons took the responsibility to continue their father’s legacy and empire. His Sons with their tremendous work ethic and hard work; has now made Vijay Laxmi Transport not only in Dhanbad City but in whole of Jharkhand and Bengal and in many regions, most Popular and Useful Transport Service Providing Company.